welcome David Collins Banking consultant

Business life planning, financing and coaching, working one-to-one with business owners who want to be powerfully clear in their business

Welcome to David Collins Consultancy where you can discover the difference made to small business owners with access to affordable business planning and coaching.

For people in business who are great at what they do, and who would like help with business planning and finance.

Business owners are not always confident in where they are going with the business, and sometimes don't have the discipline to take the actions that are going to make a real difference.

You will be really clear about what's most important to you, and then plan a future you want, as opposed to continually reacting to what's happening.
This helps get you organised, and makes what you want happen with regular weekly actions.

You create real certainty in the business direction, and remove any self doubt with a clear sense of 'I know where I'm going and what to focus on to get there'.

Imagine having someone behind you, a dedicated business coach, working with you on a personal business plan, based on what's most important to you with clear goals.

Why would you not want this level of support around something as important as your business? It will make a profound difference.

Please contact me to talk about the difference this could make to you and your business.

Whether you are a sole trader, business partners or joint directors..

point Make your business decisions with purpose and confidence – know you are taking positive steps in the right direction
point Create your own supportive routine – to ensure you are taking regular priority actions with the discipline that will cause momentum in your business

Great for start ups or developing businesses 

point Create a plan which clearly states what's most important to you
point Give yourself purposeful direction with clear future targets
point Have a routine to take weekly actions you know are important, but sometimes neglect
point And have access to a network of support that will take the stress out of running your business

‘‘David Collins had true vision of what our company required, playing a major part in our growth as a company, and was quick to point out changes required that prevented possible problems’’.   Del Haggerty, MD. WTS (Exeter) Ltd.