3 Years On

by / Tuesday, 01 May 2018 / Published in Vision & Goal setting

3 Years On…

What happens when you make time to plan the business.

Broomhill Car Sales is well placed to make the most of the spring trading conditions.

The forecourt is full of an impressive range of Mercedes cars, well presented, and all fully paid for.

3 years ago owner Graham Bonning took a step back from the business to get really clear on priorities;

  1. Maintaining the business reputation
  2. The business debt free
  3. A great work / life balance

This focused him first on taking action on expensive rolling credit he was using to finance his stock.

Interest costs were high, and the debt wasn’t coming down.

We did the research and work needed to set up a crowd funding loan, which almost halved the interest costs, and ensured all the finance would be repaid over just 3 years.

March 2015

The reduced overheads also helped him to take on his first employee – a clear next step for creating more time for him.

Now Graham is enjoying the benefits of the vision he took time to create 3 years ago.

The stock all his, with no finance, the good reputation continues to build, and that important work / life balance is right, to stay fresh and enjoy the business, which is his passion.

Do you need an incentive to prioritise some time to work ‘on the business’ rather than flat out ‘in the business’?

It sounds simple.

And it is.

Getting clear on priorities, creating a visualisation based on them, and having an accountability structure to create the focus and discipline for action.


Be Clear.