A simple trick to keep focused in your business

by / Tuesday, 27 February 2018 / Published in Business Planning

One Golden Rule for Discipline


After the Vision the night before, the discipline of the Mission tomorrow morning…




You’re motivated by what’s important to you.

And you have a clear picture – a future visualisation for your business.

After the will power, what ensures the discipline, to keep taking important actions when its raining and, “Oh, I just don’t feel like it today”.

That comes from a structure for fulfilment, something material. Physically in existence.

A tick list in a diary, a chart on the wall to update, or a routine with an accountability partner.

When Tina and Julie from The Academy of Floral Art got together last Autumn to plan their next 3 months, they were clear on their motivation – ‘Innovation and Fun’ (by coincidence, the same as Richard Branson’s).

The visualisation for them is an internationally recognised floristry school of excellence, owning purpose built premises in Devon.

The next stepping stone on this journey was to get the team trained up and ready for the General Data Protection Regulations coming in May this year.

And they combined this with investing in a new Customer Relationship Management System, and also updating their policies and procedures.

They called the 3 month focus Ahead of the Game.

And their discipline to get this done was 30 minute weekly updates; what got done last week, and the actions for next week (sometimes no actions on this if they were particularly busy).

In just 2 months the tasks were completed (ahead of the game), leaving a month free to look up again and plan what’s next.

It just works to have a tangible routine in place to see important things though.

After the Vision the night before, the Mission tomorrow morning.

Create something to complete your priorities, or call me for help to keep the focus.



Be Clear.