A significant milestone…

by / Friday, 08 September 2017 / Published in Business Planning

3 year celebration and reflection


Three thoughts on completing 3 years in business… after (finally) having the courage to jump to the other side of the fence after 36 years employed in a bank.




1. Live a ‘Life by Design’ – not by default

Do the work to get clear on what’s most important to you.

And then describe exactly how you want that to look like in reality.

Be amazed at the openings and opportunities that then start to present themselves.


2. Fail Forward

“There’s no such thing as total failure” (Richard Branson).

Be up for making mistakes to grow, or stay small.

If you are clear what’s important to you, and where you are headed, you will simply be unstoppable.


3. Choose an Accountability Structure

Don’t be a legend in your own mind.

Whether its a business or personal partner, a professional, or anyone else with an interest in you.

Create an outlet which gets you out of your head.

This will progress your thoughts and ideas – sometimes to re-affirm you, and sometimes for you to hear back ‘what did you just say!?


The next stake ahead is planted for Year 4.


Be Clear