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Dave Collins, ACIB has 39 years experience in business finance and personal and professional development

Having worked one-to-one with many businesses, David Collins Consultancy is built on 39 years of banking, business finance and coaching experience from within business, and personal development.

This financial background, combined with training in personal and professional development, and a commitment to causing small businesses and their owners to be vibrant and flourishing, creates a unique business planning and coaching service.


David Collins Consultancy is one of the first Consultants of his kind, bridging the gap between business owners and financial institutions. David brings with him in-depth knowledge of the financial institutions, their decision making process, what they are looking for, and how to structure yourself for financial and personal growth.

This combined experience provides unique and comprehensive business life planning. It has helped people in business achieve clarity with their business goals and to take actions confident these are aligned with their long term vision.

Financing expertise…

His business funding skills and experience have helped many businesses successfully apply for finance to support their plans. This has provided invaluable support for both business start ups and established businesses planning future development.

Contacts network…

He has built an extensive network of business and financial contacts to provide access to a range of supporting professional services.


David is available to speak at presentations and seminars, sharing his expertise and successes on business planning, financing, and coaching.


Acknowledgement of sources of inspiration…


Lloyds Bank; 36 years experience in banking and finance

Landmark Education; 12 years experience in personal and professional development training with Sophie McLean, Gabriel Flores, Elliott Stein, Jeremy Hull, and Jorge Castro

Personal coaches; Kaya Gupta, Michael Van Rensberg

Reading influences;

  • Book Yourself Solid; Michael Port – create a clear target market. There’s people you are meant for, and people you are not meant for!
  • The Secret; Rhonda Byrne – the power of designing your life through clear visualisation
  • The Answer; John Assaraf and Murray Smith – your sub-conscious mind really runs the show
  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People; Stephen Covey – the classic for being responsible for taking control of your life
  • The E Myth Enterprise; Michael E Gerber – great people come and go. Great processes stay
  • Drive; Daniel H Pink – the 3 levels of motivation; biological, external, and intrinsic
  • The Big Leap; Gay Hendricks – at the end of my life, ask not was I Moses, but was I Dave Collins!
  • Simon Sinek; Start With Why – the classic ‘people don’t buy what you do – they buy why you do it’
  • The Four Hour Work Week; Timothy Ferriss – bring forward mini retirements
  • Good To Great; Jim Collins – the ‘Hedgehog Concept’ – do one thing really well
  • The Miracle Morning; Hal Elrod – creating a structure that has you waking up on purpose
  • Like A Virgin; Richard Branson – make mistakes to grow. There’s no such thing as total failure
  • The Richest Man in Babylon; George S Clason – the camel trader creating Clarity, Direction, and Focus – 5000 years ago!
  • Clarity; Jamie Smart – empty your mind, to its natural state
  • The Energy Bus; Jon Gordon – fuel up with positivity!
  • Traction; Gino Wickman – create your business ‘The ABC way’ – clarity in how we do business here
  • Sleep Smarter; Shawn Stevenson – you’re not healthy unless the quality of your sleep is healthy
  • The Success Principles; Jack Canfield – make good habits natural by committing to repetitive exposure
  • The Chimp Paradox; Prof Steve Peters – input must get past the Chimp brain to get to the Human brain
  • The Seven-Day Weekend; Ricardo Semler – remove filters by throwing out the rule book!
  • The Science of Getting Rich; Wallace D Wattles – the level of desire is a manifestation of the level of power
  • The Trusted Advisor; David Maister, Charles Green & Robert Galford – invest fee free time at the start of a relationship
  • The E Myth Revisited; Michael E Gerber – the fatal assumption that doing the work will run the business
  • Think and Grow Rich; Napoleon Hill – persistence. A quitter never wins, and a winner never quits
  • Lessons From the Art of Juggling; Mihael J Gelb & Tony Buzan – appropriate effort create balance and poise in any area
  • The Impact Code; Nigel Risner – action without purpose is a nightmare, and purpose without action is a daydream!
  • Losing My Virginity; Richard Branson – build the business around the people – not the people around the business
  • Building the Happiness Centred Business; Dr Paddi Lund – systematise the regular, and humanise the irregular
  • The One Thing; Gary Keller with Jay Papasan – doing the most important thing is doing the most important thing!
  • Small is Beautiful; E F Schumacher – the forward stampede for production and productivity – creating useless leisure time
  • How to Win Friends & Influence People; Dale Carnegie – being interested in others is what makes you interesting
  • It’s The Thought That Counts; David R Hamilton – the science behind thought creating form, and impacting the biology of the body
  • Dare To Lead; Brene Brown – the courage and vulnerability of being in the arena – versus in the cheap seats
  • Games People Play; Eric Berne – awareness of influences, to create spontaneity, and intimacy
  • The Prosperous Coach; Steve Chandler & Rich Litvin – take control, to acknowledge and reflect your professionalism and impact
  • Let My People Go Surfing; Yvon Chouinard – set the target, then take the action!
  • The Power of Habit; James Duhigg – the impact of forming one good habit on other areas of your life or business
  • Invisible Power; Ken Manning, Robin Charbit & Sandra Krot – relating your feelings to inside thoughts, not the outside world
  • Built To Sell; John Warrilow – specialise in something you’re the world’s best, and standardise it
  • Stuff I wish I knew Earlier; Luki Danukarjanto – creating non-negotiable time for investing in yourself
  • Mindset; Dr Carol S Dweck – awareness of you / your business being shaped by a Fixed Mindset, or shaping life with a Growth Mindset
  • Small Giants; Bo Burlingham – staying connected to the mojo of your business
  • Speaking Being, Werner Erhard & Martin Heidegger; Bruce Hyde & Drew Kopp – you’re already always listening there’s something wrong!
  • Man’s Search for Meaning; Viktor E Frankl – creating a ‘Why’ to a cause greater than oneself, you can bear with almost any ‘How’





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