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A sense of purpose, that creates persistence Knowing when to just not give up. In the last couple of months, if you are in the area,  you may have seen the first two excellent editions of Quay Magazine, sharing inspirational business stories from around Torbay. What was at the source of the successful launch of this new magazine?

The Power of (a really great) Habit

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Give your business a single-minded focus… and see the benefits across all areas! Tyrone Smith is transforming every area of his business with a single priority. Torquay Carpets and Flooring was set up 3 years ago, and is being shaped and grown by Tyrone’s focus on one thing… “Consistently creating a pleasant experience“. ‘I have tunnel vision’

Last month I completed 5 years in my business, listening to and working with a variety of small business owners. Entrepreneurs who are inspired to be out there, on their own, with no manual on how to be successful in running a business. These are the top issues I heard, frequently chosen by business owners to focus on to

A Journey Progressing…

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Building something for the future When you have a clear vision, combined with purpose… If you’ve driven in the Preston area of Torbay recently, you’ll have not failed to notice the impact of the signage of a property transformed into a smart new garage.   But Andy Clark’s business AMC Motor Engineering is not new, but a

Attention splatter

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Multi-tasking – the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a time! Being focused, versus Attention Splatter   Robert Haylor, Boost Digital Media, builds web sites that work and shows you how. That’s it. He has a clear focus to rivet his attention and communicate what his business does – especially important in the

Where’s my business going?

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Get clear on where you want to end up. Research shows you’re a third more likely to be successful by getting your plans out of your head and written down. And you can double your chances of success if you have an accountability structure to follow through on these plans.       Glynn, the owner of GD Plumbing and Heating, is

Great processes

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Streamlining how we do business   With great processes, not only are routine tasks done consistently. They also minimise costs – on supplies, or time taken. Great processes maximise income – ensuring consistent pricing, and nothing slipping through gaps. Helping to avoid costly mistakes. Go outside the way we do business here by exception, and on purpose, when we

For you, right now, is it achieving specific results, or developing an important area? The last quarter of the year. An opportunity to develop yourself or your business, and arrive at the end of the year thinking I’ve really progressed. …and a great place to start the New Year. When you’re clear what you want to achieve by then, what’s the best way of

The Power of a Mental Picture

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Taking the time to create a clear Vision Have you ever stopped to think about if I could have anything for my business, what it would look like? It’s worth doing because it first gets you clear on your motivation (your starting point). And it creates a clear visualisation of ‘if I could have anything, my life would look like

Split yourself into 3!

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The Journey from Technician, (the ‘doer’) to Businessman   “It was easy when it was just me” Dave Morgan, Morgan Electrical is on the continual learning journey of setting up, running and developing his own business. Recognise the journey..? You love doing something and you’re really good at it. Then there’s the seed of inspiration – I could be