The benefits of taking time to step back from the ride…

by / Wednesday, 01 March 2017 / Published in Vision & Goal setting

AMC Motor Engineering is a successful vehicle servicing garage set up by Andy Clark in Paignton 10 years ago in his early 20’s.

He has built the reputation and the business to be running constantly at near capacity.

Andy spent 6 months tweaking the business on “what I have, smoother”. So where does the business go from here?


The reason Andy set up his own business at an early age was a commitment to building something for the future.

What happens when a business nears the top of its ‘S’ Curve?

Running a busy business with constant long work hours and family commitments means little time to think ahead.

Andy has a routine to take time out and stand back from the business on a structured fortnightly basis.

This makes mental space available for more ‘entrepreneurial’ ideas – a key motivation for many business owners.

In Richard’s Branson’s book Like A Virgin – ‘Secrets they don’t teach you at business school’, his first secret is “If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it!”.

What is the likely future for the ‘S’ Curve if enjoyment stops being the background context for the long hours and commitment to the business?

A flat line does not work for Andy.

Working to a 3 monthly focus, the next quarter will create the basis for potential significant expansion.

And the possibility of continuing up the ‘S’ curve towards the vision that Andy has created for himself and his business.

I’m inspired by the clarity and confidence that’s created when taking the time to stop and think;

Why am I doing this? (What’s my ‘S’ Curve?)
Where am I going with this? (What’s my inspiring vision at the top?)
What’s the current focus? (The next phase on the Curve?)

Consider what’s your ‘S’ Curve, what you want at the top, and where are you now on the ride – to be clear on the bigger picture and create a current focus.

And don’t forget, as Richard says – ‘Enjoy the ride’!

Let me know when you want me on board.