Business Course for Florists

by / Wednesday, 06 May 2015 / Published in Vision & Goal setting

Business Seminar and follow up program for Florists.

Starting or developing your business?

Want to bring some grounded business planning to your expertise with flowers?

It’s proven that planning makes you more successful.

This 3 hour seminar with a 3 month follow up program will help you create a clear business plan with focus and direction
And keep the plan alive with a support structure of similar people.

The Course;

• A 3 hour seminar for people committed to starting or developing their floristry related business to embed the importance of Clarity, Direction and Focus in business planning
• Create a simple and personal business plan
• Followed up by a one to one, face to face or over the phone with the business coach to discuss the plan
• Weekly 30 minute conference calls for 3 months to keep alive the seminar and planning and learn best practices
• A final one to one meeting face to face or by phone to review the 3 months and plan your next steps

Academy of Floral Art, Dunchideock, Near Exeter

Monday 8th June 2015 – 09.30-12.30

Cost; £175, limited places

Contact; Dave Collins direct on 01803 211222 or 07894 851838, or visit