Business Mastermind Calls

Wednesday, 14 February 2018 by

Regular opportunities for people interested in business to come together to discuss and share what’s going on for them and best practices. No one has all the answers – by highlighting and sharing thoughts about what’s going on at the business coalface people can share their own knowledge and experience, or be inspired into action.

A sense of achievement, with regular steps from a simple plan. Dan Maddock runs an independent financial advice company based in Paignton. The business has a great base to build on for the future after taking significant steps in 3 months toward long term goals.       Step 1; as always with our plans, we

The Power of Focus

Wednesday, 05 July 2017 by

‘The team is the best it’s ever been’. Mike Green, Torbay Packaging Company 3 months ago; Mike rated himself with low scores on what were his Priorities, and The Vision for the business.     If you ‘Start with Why’, Mike first identified what was most important to him; Stability – In the business, and the home