The leap of faith into business

by / Monday, 15 May 2017 / Published in Business Planning
A Purposeful Vision…

and the journey from idea to reality

Paul has just completed the first stage of the business life cycle by successfully negotiating the purchase of a busy café in Dorchester




He has ridden the roller coaster ride of emotion…

  • dissatisfaction with what I have now
  • what can I do that really inspires me?
  • creating a clear visualisation to ‘begin with the end in mind’
  • have a structure and focus for action (that overrides any doubts)
  • arriving at Day 1

The journey…

Paul was employed as a manager in a very busy restaurant working ‘ridiculous’ hours

What I call ‘surviving a job to pay the mortgage’

He created a personally inspiring vision which we crafted over 2 years until it became an ‘idea for which the time had arrived’

Researching the market, he found a business aligned with his long term vision and purposefully invested in Panini’s Café at the end of March 2017

With the Quarter 1 stage complete, we have now created a focus for the next 3 months for Paul to create new long term branding – something that fulfils the plan for the transition over 10 years… from working every day, 100% in the business at the start, to eventually turning up for a coffee in the morning to check everything is OK before heading for the beach

Going self-employed can take an immense leap of faith to leave the comfort of being a passenger in life – to living life on purpose

Step 1; Start with Why?
…Paul’s motivation is putting a smile on peoples’ faces

Step 2; Clear Direction
…‘begin with the end in mind’ – in this case a 10 year visualisation

Step 3; Actions
…a Quarter Plan, with focused weekly actions to create purposeful momentum, and overcome the paralysis of doubt or procrastination


Call me, if you’re starting out, and would like the support of a simple and affordable structure for a business journey