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The Guarantee; to create a transformation in an area of importance to you in the next 3 months…

Speculate – if you could have anything for your business life from being a client, what would that look like?

And what would that be worth to you?

By taking time out from working flat out in the business, we stop, and look ahead to create real clarity in your Vision.

We then have clear milestones or goals that are 100% aligned with your Vision.

And you put in place the structure of a regular discipline that works for you.

You may already be clear on your vision and goals, and require financial support to achieve it. We we can discuss your business plan, formulating a concise financial proposal with cashflow and profit and loss projections if required. I will also attend a joint meeting with your chosen financial provider and provide support and advice until your finances are received.

1. Business Planning, Finance and Coaching Consultancy

For a monthly fee from £125 per month to £250 per month for 3 months depending on your requirements


point Clarity of Vision – and the impact of this (creating your business future, as opposed to continually reacting to circumstances)
point Causing you to be inspired and dispel any self-doubt niggles – inspiration that stays beyond the motivation which can come and go
point Addressing your pre-disposed ‘truths’ – getting free from conceptions that can be trapped in your head
point A business plan that provides clarity and confidence in your direction, your strengths, and your target market
point Regular and focused weekly meetings or phone calls to provide you with momentum – the stepping stones to help keep you on track with your actions and goals
point A 3 month review process to track the progress and measure the transformation in your business planning skills
point A joint meeting if required with your bank to create a win / win relationship to get the most from, eg your bank relationship, finance, charges and products
point Referrals to a database of local professional contact and potential clients – introductions to put you in touch with the right people to at the right time

2. Finance Proposals

For a single fee depending on the level of finance and your requirements


point Achieve clarity on what’s really important to you financially long term
point Creating a business plan you are confident that is aligned to your goals
point A proposal acceptable to a finance provider
point Cashflow and profit and loss projections if required
point A joint meeting with a finance provider, eg bank if required
point Support and referrals to a network of local professionals until finance is received

If you would like to discuss any of the services that I provide, from business finance to business coaching, contact me to discuss your plans.

It will cost you nothing more than your time, and will have you clear on the next steps.

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