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The Guarantee;

“This will make a profound difference, in an area of importance to you, in the next 3 months”.

Speculate – if you could have anything for your business life, what would you want?

And what would that be worth to you?

Create some urgency, like your house is on fire – life is short.

A proven process. By taking time out from you working flat out in the business, we pause, and look ahead to create real clarity in your Vision.

We then have clear milestones, or goals that are aligned with being on track for your Vision.

And you choose the accountability structure, or regular discipline that works for you to make this happen.

You may already be clear on your vision and goals, and require financial support to achieve it. We can discuss your business plan, formulating a concise financial proposal with cashflow and profit and loss projections, if required. I will also attend a joint meeting with your chosen financial provider and provide support and advice until your finances are received.

Business Life Planning

For an investment in yourself, and your business, £150 per month for 3 months.

The Benefits of Business Coaching…

point The planning of the business is handled; you have a clear and simple business plan, making your day to day actions positive and decisive
point You clearly define what’s your priority motivation, the one key thing your business does, and your target market
point You get to sleep at night! And have guilt free time when away from the business in evenings, at weekends and on holidays
point Things you want happen – you get momentum when you are accountable to someone for taking important actions
point Regular and focused weekly meetings or phone calls, for just 15 to 30 minutes create the discipline to stop ‘doing’, and time to think and plan around the bigger picture
point An impactful 3 month review to track and acknowledge progress, and create recognition for important results
point You have a sounding board to progress ideas or issues currently trapped in your head
point Referrals to a database of local professional contact and potential clients – introductions to put you in touch with the right people for you

The Process


point 1. Discovery; you find me / I find you!
point 2. Related; where you are on your journey, and how I might support you
point 3. Your Plan Created; a two hour no fee / no commitment meeting
point 4. The Journey; a simple structure of 15-30 min weekly meetings or phone calls for 3 months focusing on one area. You chose one priority;

  • PROFIT – a focus on the finances
  • PEOPLE – development of myself and / or the team
  • PROCESSES – clarity on how we do business here
  • PRODUCT – developing the one thing we do well, to a world class standard
  • PREMISES – giving myself permission to focus on developing these, or moving
  • PROFILE – driving new business. My brand, and marketing this
  • PLANNING – developing a long term plan, or strategy for myself and my business
  • PERSONAL – the focus on me first! Creating the foundation for everything else
point 5. Quarter Completion Meeting; recognition and acknowledgement of the achievements of the last 3 months, with a certificate
point 6. What’s Next; given the experience of the last 3 months, you review your long term vision, and are clear on the next phase

If you would like to discuss this process in more detail, please contact me.

It will cost you nothing more than your time, and will leave you clear and confident on your next step.

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