Split yourself into 3!

by / Thursday, 24 May 2018 / Published in Business Planning
The Journey from Technician, (the ‘doer’) to Businessman
“It was easy when it was just me”
Dave Morgan, Morgan Electrical is on the continual learning journey of setting up, running and developing his own business.
Recognise the journey..?
You love doing something and you’re really good at it.
Then there’s the seed of inspiration – I could be doing this for myself!
And you go for it – you set up your own business.
This ticks all the boxes. You are doing, and getting paid for something you choose and like, and you’re in charge – the freedom of being your own boss.
You probably start off pretty much 100% ‘the technician’ – working in the business.
Then you try and fit in 110% for the extra role needed being ‘the manager‘, on the paperwork to keep up with all the doing.
And then, have to fit in another 10% more managing the business when you take on your first employee.
It now feels like you are trying to work ‘at the business’ 120%.
And what about time to step back and think about ‘working on the business’ – the strategy and forward planning, tracking how you are doing and where you are going?
Just how does 120/125% get done?
That’s easy – the evenings, the weekends and on ‘holidays’!
Somewhere on the journey the dream of being your own boss can turn into the nightmare of every day a battle to survive.
Thoughts can go to ‘why don’t I give up on the vision and go back to an easier life!?’
There’s no substitute for having the real discipline that’s needed to be aware of, and manage, how you divide up your time in the business.

And this is dynamic…

As the business develops, it takes discipline to spend less time in the technician role – on the tools, and invest an increasing amount of time in the managing and entrepreneurial roles.
As Dave Morgan puts it ‘My diary is as important as my screwdriver’.
Take a step back, and be clear on how you divide your 100% time in the business now, and how you want this to change as your business develops.
The prize for being clear on this?

Guilt free time when you are not ‘in the business’ and you can turn your phone off in the evenings, at weekends, and on holidays.

Or, in Dave’s case, getting the motor bike out of the garage!

Get in touch – if you want me on your journey.