The Power of (a really great) Habit

Wednesday, 06 November 2019 by

Give your business a single-minded focus… and see the benefits across all areas! Tyrone Smith is transforming every area of his business with a single priority. Torquay Carpets and Flooring was set up 3 years ago, and is being shaped and grown by Tyrone’s focus on one thing… “Consistently creating a pleasant experience“. ‘I have tunnel vision’

For you, right now, is it achieving specific results, or developing an important area? The last quarter of the year. An opportunity to develop yourself or your business, and arrive at the end of the year thinking I’ve really progressed. …and a great place to start the New Year. When you’re clear what you want to achieve by then, what’s the best way of

Focusing on one area of the business

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‘Great people come and go – great processes stay’ (The E Myth Enterprise, Michael Gerber) For TC Conversions 2017 was a year of streamlining its core business on camper vans – conversions and minor alterations. After establishing the business in 2013, within 2 years the business had really taken off. And, as owner Nigel put it, ‘The business had

A significant milestone…

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3 year celebration and reflection   Three thoughts on completing 3 years in business… after (finally) having the courage to jump to the other side of the fence after 36 years employed in a bank.       1. Live a ‘Life by Design’ – not by default Do the work to get clear on what’s most important to you. And

Sharpening the saw

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The positive impact of having the discipline to take time out from working in the business.. Last month Yeoman (SW) Ltd plumbers effectively shut down their business for two days when all four of the team went to Cheltenham and Bristol to develop their product knowledge with suppliers.   Now; James, Shaun, Jarred & Gavin

A Purposeful Vision… and the journey from idea to reality Paul has just completed the first stage of the business life cycle by successfully negotiating the purchase of a busy café in Dorchester       He has ridden the roller coaster ride of emotion… dissatisfaction with what I have now what can I do

How do you make big expansion decisions with confidence? You start with an inspiring vision, and then support this with a structure… A top floristry training school based in South Devon is expanding with national and international ambitions. The British Academy of Floral Art was established in Exeter in 2008 by two former tutors from

Finance for business

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Right Time – Right Place – Right Amount. Rarely has there been a better time to raise finance for business; • interest rates are at an all-time low • there have never been such a variety of sources for business finance • business confidence is generally increasing Before you take any finance on offer, pause

Presentation at Torbay Business Network, Pier Point, Torquay In this short talk, David questions why we are unstoppable with some business plans, and give up on others. He gets across a powerful message by addressing the 3 key steps; Clarity – getting clear on what’s the underlying motivation for you Direction – identifying exactly what’s

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