The Power of a Mental Picture

by / Tuesday, 26 June 2018 / Published in Vision & Goal setting

Taking the time to create a clear Vision

Have you ever stopped to think about if I could have anything for my business, what it would look like?

It’s worth doing because it first gets you clear on your motivation (your starting point).

And it creates a clear visualisation of ‘if I could have anything, my life would look like this…’ (the destination).

If you don’t have a starting point, and a destination, can you make any decisions with confidence when faced with problems or opportunities as they arise?

If you’re not clear on your motivation – what drives you, and where you are headed, the decisions and actions are left to chance.

A finger in the air job.

‘Let’s hope this is right…’

In 2018 Yeoman (SW) Ltd (Gas, Renewables & Solid Fuels) moved into ideal premises that will allow them to grow into the vision they created for their business.

Three years ago the business was at a crossroads.

Dad Tom was running a small plumbing and heating business with everything done from home.

Sons Shaun and Gavin had come into the business and were not sure what’s next, with Dad wanting to step back and wanting the boys to start taking over.

They were stuck, unable to make any decisions about the future of the business.

So they got together one Friday afternoon with the intention of moving forward.


They made a clear declaration – their motivation was simply: ‘To build an enjoyable and profitable business’.

And then an ‘anything goes’ Vision of what this would look like;

  • the size of the business
  • the number of people
  • the type of work to specialise in
  • ideal customers
  • …and perfect business premises, that back then felt like just a dream.


The business developed each year, with a different focus every 3 months, and without them actively seeking or diverting their energies into finding premises.

Then, at the start of 2018, the office and storage they had visualised 3 years previously came before them as an opportunity.

No need to stop or have a meeting or think about this – they had already ‘done the work’ in the planning.

It was a ‘no brainer’.

Without breaking stride, in 3 months they we in, and loving, a large spacious office with catering and meeting areas…


And downstairs plenty of storage for materials that were until then either clogging up garages at home, or being inefficiently stored and carried around in vans.

The confidence in this decision made the legal paperwork and the move ‘just do it’ actions.

The Steps;

  1. You prioritise formal business planning time
  2. Get clear on your Motivation and a Vision for the business
  3. And you have a simple structure to ‘work the plan’

Then any difficulties (or opportunities) as they come are sorted, with minimal fuss.

And ‘dreams’ are realised.

The new web site (also aligned with the Vision)…



Be Clear.