The Power of Focus

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‘The team is the best it’s ever been’.

Mike Green, Torbay Packaging Company

3 months ago;

Mike rated himself with low scores on what were his Priorities, and The Vision for the business.



If you ‘Start with Why’, Mike first identified what was most important to him;

  • Stability – In the business, and the home & family
  • A concrete, or compartmentalized base to build on with confidence
  • Creating a good quality of life – in a happy environment

Next he created an Inspiring Vision for the future of the business;

  • What the business would look like in 2 years, it’s size and activities
  • How many days a week ‘working in the business’
  • What the separate business and personal life would look like, the commute and the leisure time

   …simple, but important goal posts to create to rivet the attention.

The Focus;

Having made the short commitment in time to do this, it created a focus which would clearly be a stepping stone in the right direction.

The focus was on People; three months of weekly focused actions to create a great base – the right people on the bus – to build on with confidence.

Small and regular incremental steps which created purposeful momentum.

The Result;

The discipline of actions in a weekly structure enabled Mike to declare ‘I’m chuffed with what has been achieved focusing on the people in the business – now I can build on this’.

So next, there’s a 3 month focus on Profile – letting more businesses and households in Torbay know about the local service and products they provide, especially useful for posting packages.

Literally getting more people to the door of their premises in Chatto Way Industrial Estate to buy exactly what they need,

…to find out more visit;

The Proof;

If you make the time to create a powerful background context (‘why am I doing this, and where am I going with it’) – it creates a focus for action that produces positive results.

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