Where’s my business going?

by / Wednesday, 12 December 2018 / Published in Business Planning, Vision & Goal setting

Get clear on where you want to end up.

Research shows you’re a third more likely to be successful by getting your plans out of your head and written down.

And you can double your chances of success if you have an accountability structure to follow through on these plans.




Glynn, the owner of GD Plumbing and Heating, is excited about 2019.

This year he crafted a clear long term vision for himself and the business, so he knows where he wants to be, and what’s needed to put the steps in order.
He was sent plenty of challenges during the year to ask ‘how much do you really want this?’
And sometimes it’s necessary to experience what you don’t want, to get clear what you do…

“One thing we all know, if one does not possess persistence, one does not receive noteworthy success in any calling”. (Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill)
The ‘tests’ Glynn encountered this year have helped shape his plans, to change from what he thinks he should have, to what he really wants.

Like the number of people in the business, the type of work they take on, and his role.

Not a larger business of 6-10 employees doing big contract work.

But a simpler, more streamlined business with 4-6 people doing smaller plumbing and heating work, with him at ‘the control centre’ – managing more, doing less, and what his ideal week looks like.

Using the carpenter analogy; ‘measure twice, and cut once’, when you’re clear where you’re headed, you can take confident actions aligned with this.

The result; purposeful momentum – being clear about what you say no to, as well as yes.

Glynn says; ‘I feel like I’ve come out of a thick wood this year, and I’m much clearer about where I’m going in the next 5 years’.


Think about how clear your plans are.

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